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If you’ve just been through the trauma of losing a loved one, the last thing you need is the nuisance of dealing with all the estate details.

Not only that, but maybe the property needs repairs, or is behind on payments. Where are you going to get the money to bring everything current?
The fact is, you already had a life before all these extra “estate” responsibilities came along.
If they could all be solved quickly, that would be one thing…but unfortunately, the probate process for estates can drag on for months. The biggest piece of an estate is often the home, and it’s also the hardest to deal with, in many cases. That means time and aggravation that you can’t afford.
Let us help, by giving you options. We’re expert at solving real estate problems quickly and fairly. That way, you can put these sudden complications behind you now, and focus on what counts–your family.

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Some people just have no respect for other peoples’ property!
Do you have a tenant that is more than you bargained for? You might have become a landlord accidentally, because you couldn’t find someone to buy your house when you needed to leave town; or you might have always wanted to own rental property.
Either way, when a nightmare of a tenant moves in, the situation can suddenly become unbearable: The late night calls to fix the toilet…the excuses for late (or no) rent payments…the damage they’re doing to your property…any one of these can be enough to drive you up a wall.
If you’re tired of fighting with ungrateful, unreasonable people, give us a call. We can act quickly to give you one or more solutions to your landlording problem.

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